Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements Intensive Course

Course dates:
24 - 26 November 2021

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Coordinating university/institution:
Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture
, Germany & South African Observation Network (SAEON/EFTEON)

SPACES project: 

This is an online workshop on the WebEx platform

Target group:
(Southern African) Students, early-career researchers and technicians working with Eddy Covariance (EC) or planning relevant projects

Learning methods:
The course consists of presentations, lectures, and practical training sessions. Participants are each given an example dataset and expected to work on their own project. The aim of this is to learn in practice how to conduct processing, filtering, screening, gap filling, data handling and plotting of EC data. After the intensive three-day workshop, participants analyse their data with support from course tutors, and the results and challenges are discussed at a wrap-up session.

Teaching concept and aims:
The course covers the theoretical background of the Eddy Covariance flux measurements technique, as well as practical sessions on instrumentation and data handling. Examples of projects using EC applications in the Northern and Southern hemisphere are presented by visiting researchers. During the course, participants will have the chance to get direct feedback and advice on their own project.

Expected learning outcomes:
Participants will gain an understanding of the Eddy Covariance technique and the instrumentation and setup of an EC tower. Via conducting their own practical data project, the participants will learn to process raw EC data. The course aims to support early-career researchers in initiating new projects and taking better advantage of existing Eddy Covariance infrastructures and data.

Additional information:
Participants need access to a stable internet connection and the possibility to prepare beforehand by downloading some (free) programmes and data packages. The course will also offer an evening programme with short presentations and discussion on further career, grant and exchange opportunities for young researchers. The course is free of cost, and a certificate of course completion, detailing total working hours, will be issued for participants that actively participate in the course and complete the data analysis task.

Course schedule:
Please download the preliminary course timetable here.
Download course poster here.

Course lead:
Christian Brümmer (Thünen-AK) and Gregor Feig (SAEON/EFTEON)

Course teachers (TBC): Mohau Mateyisi, Humbelani Thenga (CSIR), Amukelani Maluleke (SAEON/EFTEON, Stellenbosch University), Kerneels Jaars (SAEON/EFTEON), Kathleen Smart (Rhodes University), Antje Lucas-Moffat (DWD), Oksana Rybchak, Pascal Wintjen, Frederik Schrader, Liv Sokolovsky (Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture)

Course coordinator / contact:
Mari Bieri (mari.bieri@  thuenen.  de)

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