Carrying capacity of the arid and semi-arid Limpopo rangelands in winter – Management options

Preliminary dates: June 2022 (TBA)

Registration dates: TBA, typically some months before course start

Location: University of Limpopo, Risk and Vulnerability Centre

Coordinating university: University of Limpopo

SPACES project: SALLnet 

Course description / preliminary learning objectives:
The mixed farming system in Limpopo across local farmers is in jeopardy due to extreme weather events which translate into the overuse of resources (nutrient mining, overgrazing etc.). It’s therefore important to understand crop-livestock intensification amid climate change (the effect on the livestock component and the consequences thereof) and to recognize the capacity of the grazing lands during the winter season and explore opportunities to reduce risks.

Learning methods:
- Presentation Group 
- discussion 
- Excursion (syferkuil – field trial)

Expected learning outcomes:
To enable to identify interrelated drivers of the winter forage gaps To link current adaptation and proposed mitigation options To learn and develop a framework towards a resilient system

Target group:
Interested MSc. Students in the agricultural science field from Uni Limpopo and Uni Venda Selected local farmers from the Limpopo region which have been involved in the survey* Selected agricultural extension officers .

Additional information: 
*Survey here refers to the interviews implemented by WP1 of SALLnet in Limpopo to investigate the farming systems and resource constrained farmer’s coping strategies in period of drought. 

Course coordinator:
Prof Kingsley Ayisi/Prof. Odhiambo

Course lead:
Sala Lamega, Dr. Martin Komainda