Scientific Writing

Course Dates: 22nd - 25th August, 2022

Location: online course

Participants: max. 20, selected by a review procedure after application

For application, you need to submit two documents:
- a letter of motivation, explaining why this course is important for your research / studies
- a short CV

The application deadline has expired, now. All applicants will be informed in due time about the review result.

Prerequisites: Participants should be at least about to or ideally within the process of writing a scientific publication (paper, book chapter or thesis). The target group is hence broad including e.g. MSc students at the end of their project, PhD students or other junior researchers. Since this is an online course, participants need good internet connection, a working webcam and microphone.

Course facilitator: tbd

Coordinating university/institution: University of Potsdam, Dirk Lohmann


Topic and course description: Science is not only about finding out about things, but also about communicating the gained knowledge with the world. Just like every genre, scientific publications come with specific structure and style and are in many ways quite different from other texts. In this course you will learn how to identify your goals, find an appropriate structure and tone and achieve your desired impact. You will get to know the fundamentals of writing good abstracts, introductions, method sections and discussions. The course will include practical work based on your own material.

Cost: The course will be free of charge for accepted applicants