Instructions for presenters

All SPACES II projects are asked to submit two main contributions to the meeting:

1) Short project progress update as a recorded presentation, by the deadline of the 5th of October 2020.

Use for example the "record your slides" function of PowerPoint. Submit your presentation in the format of a video file (MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, or FLV).

Presentations should:

i) briefly introduce project background and structure (~2 slides –project poster is available for participants as supporting material),

ii) cover the impacts of Covid-19 (i.e. where you wanted to be in terms of results vs. where you are, ~2 slides),

iii) introduce your main focus areas for the remaining project period (~1-2 slides), and

iv) discuss specific areas where you seek input/collaboration from other projects/stakeholders (1-2 slides).

Please upload the file directly to a cloud folder, link will be distributed by organising team (contact if you lack the link or have upload issues).

2) Introductory poster as pdf by the deadline of 9th October. The poster should summarize the structure and aims of the project.

Please remember that both, the presentation and the poster are aimed at a wider audience, i.e. avoid specialist terminology.

Other presentations and posters are welcome as additional material - if necessary, we will review their relevance for the meeting.